Do Audiologists Clean Ears? How Does an Audiologist Clean Ears? 

Do audiologists clean ears? People need clarification about it. Let me clear you up. Yes, they are cleaning ears but in a professional way.

If you’re suffering from hearing loss and want to be sure you’re getting the best care, it’s important to know how audiologists clean your ears. Even if you don’t have hearing problems, knowing how your ears are cleaned can help you understand what happens when someone with professional medical knowledge looks into them.

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Do audiologists clean ears?

Audiologists do clean ears. This is a common misconception that audiologists need to correct. Audiologists use the latest technology to diagnose and treat hearing loss, balance disorders, tinnitus, and other ear conditions. They also have clean ears!

Cleaning ear
Cleaning ear

Audiologists use a suction device to clean out excess wax in your ear canal so you can hear better. They may also use a small brush or cotton swab to help loosen up any wax buildup further down in the ear canal that didn’t come out with the suction tool. It’s important not to scratch your ears when you clean them because you can accidentally push the wax further into your ear canal if you do this too hard!

Some audiologists may also use an irrigation syringe filled with water mixed with soap if there’s excessive buildup inside of your ears that hasn’t been cleaned regularly by yourself or another person, such as one of our caregivers at home who knows how the best way to remove stubborn materials from these areas.

What do audiologists do?

Audiologists are medical professionals that diagnose and treat hearing and balance problems. They can help you maximize your hearing aids and manage tinnitus.

What does ear cleaning by an audiologist entail?

Before beginning the cleaning process, your audiologist will insert a soft cotton swab into the outer ear canal to clean dirt and wax.

Next, they will use a soft brush to clean the inner ear. An audiologist may also use suction to remove it from the ear canal if there is an excessive buildup of ear wax in your ears, causing them to feel clogged.

Lastly, using these methods, they will clean all areas with an antiseptic solution after removing any debris inside your ear canal.

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How Does an Audiologist Clean Ears?

An audiologist will use a small suction device to clean the ear. This removes any wax or debris that may be present in the canal, just like when you clean out your ears at home.

Small suction device to clean the ear
Small suction device to clean the ear

Impacted earwax, also known as cerumen impaction, is the most frequent cause of hearing loss. The suction device can also remove cerumen plugs if they are present in your ear canal.

The whole thing only takes a few minutes and doesn’t hurt at all

What’s the best frequency for audiology ear cleaning?

Your audiologist will clean your ears as needed. This is usually once a year, but if you have a buildup of wax or debris in your ear canal, you may need more frequent cleaning.

For most people with healthy hearing, it’s recommended that they visit the audiologist once every few years to keep their ears clean and healthy. However, certain people should visit the audiologist more often than others:

  • People who have had ear surgery
  • Children with learning difficulties or developmental delays
  • Individuals with frequent ear infections

What do audiologists use to clean ears?

Your audiologist will slowly use a curette or small scoop to remove earwax with a special light and magnifying glass. An audiologist can also insert a small instrument called an EarVac that removes the wax in your ears.

Let your hearing professional know if you have any allergies, as some people are allergic to the products used in cleaning their ears. If you have allergies, ask about alternative ways to remove earwax from your ears, such as irrigation (water-filled syringe), medication drops, or home irrigation kits.

Cotton swab to clean the ear
Cotton swab to clean the ear

The cotton swab is inserted into the ear canal and rubbed against its surface gently until all debris is removed from around the eardrum (the tympanic membrane). It’s done by gently rotating it to not damage delicate tissues inside our head while removing stubborn dirt within them effectively without causing pain or discomfort due to uneven pressure exerted upon us when trying hard enough with just hands alone without proper training beforehand or practice afterward.

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Can an audiologist help with a blocked ear?

If you have a blocked ear, your audiologist can help. They will use an ear speculum to gently open the outer ear canal and then clean it with a cotton swab or suction machine. It would help if you did not try to clean your ears or push things into them—this can damage the eardrum.


Audiologists are trained and equipped to clean your ears. In most cases, they will do it for you during your appointment. However, if you have a lot of wax buildup or other ear problems that need attention outside of the office, an audiologist can recommend treatments or other resources.

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